Medical Tourism

Income levels of different cosmetic surgical and non-surgical, the Turkish tourism broad line of door and became a key goal resorted to a large number of tourists who traveled to Turkey in order to catch up with cosmetics, fashion and improve the external appearance.

The significant role played by the major cosmetic specialized centers and «hotels hospital» 5-star that combine medical services cosmetic and luxury, and the interest of the Turkish hospitals in this type of surgery and that the uniqueness of her private sections fully equipped, have had the impact the most prominent in proving site Turkey cosmetic level and occupation advanced position in the map of global cosmetic tourism. The best proof of this fact increase the number of beauty centers dramatically in recent years, in addition to the emergence of private agencies will organize trips to Turkey cosmetic and secure all the requirements of the trip.

Hair Transplant
Coast is pleased to provide hair transplant services in Turkey and that the best services related to hair transplant in major hospitals and clinics specializing in Turkish hair transplant and cosmetic surgery in Turkey Medical ..vriv highly experienced worldwide real ..altqanyat to provide a safe environment for patients ..


Techniques used in hair transplant: services related to the cultivation of hair transplant eyebrows - growing eyelashes - the mustache growing - growing a beard ... the latest technology to address hair loss: hair loss treatment plasma rich in platelets.

Rhinoplasty are often under the influence of anesthesia. And the patient is asleep during the operation. Process in the forefront of the nose can use local anesthesia. Rhinoplasty and held to give the desired shape for the introduction of the nose or nose in general.