Third Tour / Istanbul Trips

Sultan Ahmed Mosque

it’s also known with the Blue mosque because of the tiles adorning the walls of its interior. This mosque is one of two mosques in Turkey which have six minarets .

Topkapi Palace

one of the greatest effects of the Ottoman civilization . This palace was the main residence of the sultan and his court . It also contains rare  weapons , textile , crystal , silver , gold ,Islamic artifacts , and relics transferred from Macca .

Grand Pazaar

is the most attractive and biggest shopping center in the World with nearly 4000 shops selling antiques , jewelry , gold ,carpets , leather , ware and souvenirs .

Belgrade Forest

one of the largest forests in Istanbul overlooking the Black Sea from the European side . Trees there are old and very dense over there .

Kilyos Beach

is located on the Black Sea in Istanbul where you can enjoy the sandy beach , swimming , sun , and nature during summer time